Dear Auto Industry, Take Responsibility, Will Ya?

It’s obviously too much to ask that since the auto industry has started to stuff all sorts of electronic goodies and networks, that they actually lock that stuff down. Having since abrogated their responsibility to release safe cars, the feds have decided to step in and screw it up even more.

As cars and other forms of transportation increasingly rely on online systems for everything from safety to onboard entertainment, the cybersecurity threat from those who would exploit such electronic control packages has also increased. That’s why the US Department of Transportation (DOT) today issued a Request For Information to the security industry to help it build a roadmap to build ‘motor vehicle safeguards against cybersecurity threats and assure the reliability and safety of automotive electronic control systems.’

Great. Cause the feds did such a great job with the deficit and debt, let’s give them direct control over all automobiles in the country.

Is there any real reason why the automakers in this country aren’t being held responsible for this sort of thing? You know that Cisco and HP spend a heck of a lot of money trying to keep their hardware safe and secure. Is there any reason that GM or Ford shouldn’t also be held responsible? I mean, they’re responsible for creating bad steering and braking systems, why not bad networks? They’re the ones putting it in the cars, right? They should be held responsible for those networks then.