How Not To Respond To A New Law

I realize that the airline industry is a difficult industry. But I have to believe that the following is a truly bad way to respond to a new law.

Several airlines, including Fort Worth-based American and Houston-based Continental, say they will cancel flights rather than risk paying stiff penalties for delaying passengers on the runway.

Continental’s CEO told investors Tuesday that the airline will opt to cancel flights rather than chance being fined.

And the genius behind this is due to the following law.

Under new federal guidelines that take effect next month, airlines can be fined up to $27,500 per passenger if a plane is stuck on the tarmac for longer than three hours.

Mind you, the law, that shouldn’t have to been passed to begin with is purely and solely due to the incomptence and stupidity of the same airlines. It’s nice to see them double down on stupidity.

Remember a few years ago when people were being stuck on the tarmac for 6 or 8 hours due to issues. The correct and humane way of dealing with those situations would have been to bring people back to the gate. But being completely and utterly incompetent, the airlines decided to keep people on the plane and make them suffer.

Needless to say their stupidity backfired and cause the law to come into effect. Think of the big picture here. The airlines, had a situation and they responded poorly to it. They repeatedly responded poorly to it and to the detriment of their customers. Instead of, you know, working to do right by their customers, they acted like asses. And now? They’re going to act like even bigger asses. Is it no wonder that people hate airlines and flying?