.htaccess voodoo

As I mentioned before, I was attempting to get a Django page up and running but was having trouble with my .htaccess file.

The kind folks over at the hosts forum was able to let me know the answer to my problem.

Directives in the configuration files are case-insensitive, but arguments to directives are often case sensitive. Lines which begin with the hash character “#” are considered comments, and are ignored. Comments may not be included on a line after a configuration directive. Blank lines and white space occurring before a directive are ignored, so you may indent directives for clarity.

The .htaccess file I had copied had comments. And the comments were the issue. Who knew. As soon as I removed the comments the Django welcome page greeted me.

Now I just have to create something with it.

The Things I Don’t Know

Since I’ve decided to try other platforms than WordPress, I believe I’ve found the Achilles Heel for any non PHP platform. It’s damned hard getting a platform set up on a shared hosting. I have a small site that I’m using that has Python. I’ve followed the instructions pretty easily and I’m screwing it up.


Damned if I know. It’s obviously something I don’t know.

The good thing is, that’s learning and soon I’ll know it. But until then, I still don’t know and still can’t get my Django site up and running. Hopefully soon.